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I'm Too Fucking Lazy

Ok, I've been losing sleep over this, so I really wanna get it out in my journal even though I know nobody can help me but myself (and it might even be too late for THAT). Well, I still never handed in my AP European History final. I don't know why I didn't - I just didn't. I usually LOVE writing reports and such (I know I'm weird, but it's true) and for some reason I could just not bring myself to do it. I can NOT force myself... it's weird. Also, I doubt he'd even accept it this late since it was due a month ago! Not only that, but I had 3 tests to take the last quarter and I only took 1... meaning I got zeros on the other two! I <3 Galli and all, and he's a GREAT teacher + nice guy, but he will NOT let me make that shit up, and that I know for a fact. I'm pretty much screwed, and I keep getting worried that RU is going to take back my acceptance! I *really* hope that doesn't happen. If it does, I'll definitely be living with Sammy (or my gma) because I'll get kicked out of the house fo sho :(

Anyway, I'm finishing up my music final (also due last week) so I can hand it in today when I go in for graduation practice at 1:30. It sucks that I'm not even GRADUATING though. I mean, sure I'll walk with my class and recieve some bullshit certificate, but I *know* I have summer school so it's not even REAL lol I still haven't GRADUATED. That sucks but that's okay. And hey - does anyone know if we're doing anything after graduation? I'm talking to you guys here (Mikey, Lisa, Niki, Ro, Nicole... I think you're the only ones from school who read my journal). My mom keeps asking what we're doing Saturday and I have no idea. I know I have work at 5 but I'll probably call out. Anyway, we should do something! Let me know!

Yesterday I didn't do anything that I had to do (go to the bank, clean my room or my finals) other than go to the eye doctor. I knew I needed to get my eyes checked again, and sure enough I found out that I have to wear glasses ALL the time now! I decided that I'm only going to wear them when I watch TV and need to see the board at school (assuming I fucking go to college), because I really don't need them for up-close at all, and I don't wanna get used to wearing them 24/7 since I just... don't want glasses lol. And I promised Sam I'd wear them while I drive, cuz ya know, seeing would be a plus while operating a vehicle! Anyway, I was uber sad about the whole four-eyes situation (lol jk) but I feel a little better about it now that I know I don't really need them ALL the time... just... when I need to see things that are far away, which is hardly ever...? I dunno! The point is, I got new glasses, and Mikey - expect to take a picture of me in them since I want Sam to see them and tell me if I look horrible in them. If I do, I'm getting new ones.

Well I should go to the bank today to open my account, but I know that I won't since I have to finish my music final, maybe shower if I have time, and then head over to graduation practice at like 1. Then when that's over, I might stop by at my gma's house or maybe even my dad's house depending on the time and my mood before I have to go to work at 5. Then tonight I plan on finishing up the last chapter or two of my porn book to Sam on the phone (haha I read to her... it's cute) and then *ahem* you know what and thennn... I dunno! But what I *do* know is that someone should make definite plans to hang out with me. Tomorrow I work 5-close also, but on Friday I only work from 11-3! Then Saturday I'm probably gonna take off of work since I graduate that day (although I might have family plans but I doubt it) and Sunday I have work from 11-3 also. So0o yeah... holla!
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