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I didn't go visit my dad today. I actually wanted to, but I wound up talking to Sam and fixing everything - yay! I did go to my gma's house to have dinner though. My grandparents are so cute! Best of all, I had mashed potatoes <3

So tonight I had a OTH phone date with Sam and that's about it. Tomorrow = school (boring, pointless and easy) starting with a "party" in english, which is basically Dunkin Donuts and such since my english class is at 7:30 in the morning. After school = sex shop with Lisa and James! Mikey will prolly tag along. Then I have band, and then I'm going to my gma's house for din din. I told her she had to make my mashed potatoes again... and chicken cutlets!

Dues! Sammy has NEVER had chicken cutlets... weirdo! But she's SO cute so it's ok :)

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