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I went into school late today - just in time for my business law test, which I think I did pretty decent on, but the true/false was a killer! I know that's supposed to be the easy part, but I *definitely* did better on the essay and the fill-ins. Oh well. That's just me.

After business law I had a free period in religion bc the teacher was absent, so I wrote a note to Ro... that I forgot to give her! In music class I did nothing but study for my economics test while listening to Gabby play "Unforgettable" on the sax. Apparently I was absent one day and Diaz asked a sax player to play on that piece for one of the vocalists during the vocal recital. Since Chris is the only other sax player (and he never plays bc well he doesn't know how!), Gabby was automatically assigned.

That pissed me off SO bad bc I'm so much better than her! I dunno who this little freshman thinks she is! She seriously has SOME pair of balls. When I was a freshman (and even sophmore and junior year for that matter), we had some kind of REVERANCE for the seniors... but no0o. Not THIS year. Ugh! I really don't like Gabby anymore. Mostly I just hate the competition. I remember when Steve Bob played bass and we were the best of friends, but then once he switched to the sax, I was like I FUCKING HATE YOU lol. Even though I'm WAY better than both him AND Gabby. But whatever.

Listening to Gabby play that song made me SO pissed, bc I got reminded of how much I fucking hate band now and how people just piss me off. Plus, she sucks on it! She plays with absolutely NO feeling. She just plays the song straight through, exactly as written. Umm hello Gabby this is a JAZZ band, and the whole essence of jazz is to be free and improvise and be creative and play with emotion! But whatever. I hope she fucks up really bad tonight. The worst part is that the song she's playing on is actually a GOOD song that I LIKE... right Sam? Ro didn't believe me but Sammy and I were just singing it last night!

Anyway, I guess it's good that I'm not on the song since I got to study a bit more my for my final economics test in music class. Although I think that if I was on the song, I wouldn't NEED to practice this much on the day of the show! Lol. Nah jk. I'm really not that cocky, but I *know* that I'm better than Gabby. So anyway, my economics test went pretty well I think! I studied hard (and believe me, there was a HUGE temptation to just give up after the horror of my last test) but I tried my best anyway. I actually think I got higher than a 50 on this one! That'd be awesome! It'd be even better if I passed, and even FANCIER if I got like a 90 bc then I'd have a good final grade, yay! Lol jk. I dunno.

I'm really scared that I'm not going to graduate. I'm failing AP english and AP economics really badly, english especially! I worked so0o hard on my last paper. Even Sam will tell you that I was SO EXCITED to write it! I put so much into it and I KNOW that it was awesome, but she gave me a fucking 70! This is why I hate her grading system! She gives us no set objectives for our papers, and therefore her grading system is completely subjective. That pisses me off so0o much bc it works against me... she hates me! And I hate her! Except I really don't. I just hate that she hates me. And yeah. My economics average is like a 58... and I need a 65 to pass, ahh! I got a 50 last quarter! I just really need to keep it together these last few weeks, bc I REALLY don't want Rutgers taking my admission away, which they CAN do and have done in the past! That'd be bad. Really bad.

So tonight I'm going to the vocal recital at my school like I said. I was supposed to hang out with a bunch of people afterwards, but now that Ro's not going, I really don't wanna hang out with everybody afterwards. I mean I do, but I'd rather come home and talk to Sam if ya wanna know the truth. So I'll be at my school APPROXIMATELY from 7 - 10 tonight. I'd invite you all, but I wouldn't wanna put ya's through that kind of torture haha so yeah. Call me up and we'll make plans for sometime this weekend or next week!

Speaking of which! I'm gonna start visiting my dad more often. I know it's crazy, but I really miss my dogs!!! And he's being really cool now, so if that's the case, then I wanna see my puppies. Well they're not puppies - they're like 5 now (holy shit!) but I love/miss them muchly. Hopefully he starts giving me some money too, bc Mothers Day is coming up and the gift that I wanna get for my mom is gonna wind up costing me $70. PLUS, my mom took my credit card away, so there goes my gas money! And she doesn't plan on giving it back to me anytime soon. Grr. I still haven't talked to my mom about prom yet! I'm gonna e-mail her about it in a little while.

Oh, and fucking Quiznos hasn't called me back yet! I put in an application there and the guy called me back, but I think there was a miscommunication about the hours that I could work so I went to him personally and spoke with him. He made me write some additional information down about my hours and told me he'd get back to me but he never did. I hate that shit. So yeah.

Something else that really pissed me off is the fact that Sara Monster was visiting SI for a few days and I never got to see her! To be honest I'm REALLY offended that Sara and Lauren didn't call me to tell me about it. The only reason I found out was bc Mikey mentioned it to me. That's fucked up. I used to practically LIVE at Lauren's house, and since Sara lived right upstairs, I used to hang out with her ALL the time. She doesn't write me, she doesn't call me, she doesn't talk to me online, she doesn't comment in my journal and now she doesn't wanna see me or hang out with me? I mean yeah I don't really keep in touch with her either, but I had no way of knowing that she was in SI and she should have hit me up to hang out or SOMETHING. I actually feel really bad about it - like I mean nothing to her - and that's a pretty shitty feeling, bc we used to spend a whole lotta time together. Oh well.

Peace <3
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