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Decent 2 Days...

Yesterday and today were both decent days. I don't remember much about yesterday except for the fact that I got to see Alex after band - woot! I've missed Alex SO much. In fact I miss ALL of them from last year. I miss hanging out all the time and stuff. ::Sigh- so sad. Anyway, after band I wound up hanging out with Alex, Jen, Jonathan and Mili for a little bit. We talked about how fucking bad my school is. Yesterday kids put laxitives in the ketchup lol. Good thing I have a salad every day. It's just over-crowded and out of control.

Today was boring. Rosemarie was absent (what else is new) and I had a free period, so the day just kinda dragged on. It was pretty pointless. The only class that went by remotely fast was economics if ya can believe that one! The reason is bc Lisa and I kept passing notes to each other that went a little something like this:

Me: Lisa, I want your bod
Lisa: I'm creaming in my skirt just from looking at you
Me: I'm creaming down to my shoes, so much that they're wet and soggy now, and squish when I walk
Lisa: Can I wear your shoes? It'd turn me on...
Me: Can I sniff your creamy panties?

Lol. I love Lisa! I wish she was my roomate SO bad, but alas, she's going to Syracuse *tear* ... she's awesome. We're bananas together (lol<3). Today Brad asked why we always say we have sex with each other and stuff. HaHa. Well anyway, then I started moaning in the middle of class, and continued moaning while I walked in the hallway until I got out of school lol. It's so nice out. I came home and since then I've been pretty bored, tired, hungry and horny haha. I'm trying to look up information for my report that's due tomorrow but I can't find anything anywhere! Ugh!

Speaking of reports, I have A LOT of them coming up! I'm pretty swamped with school bc it's pretty much coming to a close. By next week I'll be down to a measely 3 classes a day from 10:15 to 12:30. That's cool I guess. I'm just excited about getting the hell out of this hell hole. The place is falling apart.

So my dad called me today. He wants me to come over next weekend bc my low-life trailor park trash relatives are coming over and he wants to brag about me haha. Well, no... he basically wants to show me off bc I have a car, I have my shit together, I'm going to a good college, etc. Meanwhile my retarded cousin is gonna be there with her 6 month old baby... did I mention she's 15? She might be 16 now, but yeah. I remember when she and I used to go crazy over *N Sync together. Now she's gonna be sleeping in my old bedroom with her kid. What a fucking loser. I can't stand her, but at the same time, I feel REALLY bad for her. So yeah. My dad was in a good mood today and decided to call me and be nice to me, telling me he was proud of me and stuff.

Tonight I have to do a paper, study for economics, watch The Apprentice with Sam, and then have an early bed time since I've been REALLY tired lately. Tomorrow I have to go to a vocal recital at my school (it's mandatory for performing arts kids) and then I was SUPPOSED to hang out with Jacquie, Ro and them, but now Ro got invited to hang out with Broken Feather (a REALLY good local band!) so she's gonna go chill and probably hook up with some band kids. I was just thinking today about Ro getting a boyfriend soon. I dunno why. Anyway, I'm kinda pissed our plans got cancelled or whatever, but they were never SET plans so I don't care too much. Maybe I'll hang out with Jacquie, John and a few other kids tomorrow. Maybe not. Anybody wanna do anything? If not I'll just come home and talk to the wifey :)

PS: I played online pool verse Jeff today and lost bc I hit the 8 ball in 4 games in a row! Then I quit. Lol. I <3 Jefferson though.
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