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The World Sucks

Today wasn't a bad day at all. Other than the fact that I didn't have a ride to school again (grr!) everything was all good in the hood. The day passed by remotely fast and classes were pretty easy. I was worried about AFTER school though bc I had a lunch date with my father! Surprisingly it didn't go bad at ALL. We actually had a really good talk. We hung out for about 4 hours and just talked about so0o many things - mostly our REALLY fucked up family lol. We talked about all the drug addicts, rapists, pathological liars, criminals, jail baits, etc. He wasn't annoying or overly embarassing or anything! Best of all, he wasn't drunk =)

Something that was really bothering me today was the fact that world is just SO FUCKED UP! I know that it's a completely random statement, but I couldn't get that pessimistic thought out of my mind all day! It all started with talking about the OJ Simpson trial in law class. I was only 8 when that whole thing was going on, so I didn't know all the details of the case. But did you guys know that in addition to ALL the other evidence, they found OJ's blood all over the house/property and Nicole's blood and stuff in his car? Wtf! And the jury only deliberated for 10 minutes before deciding that he wasn't guilty! That pissed me off big time. I also remember how all the black people were cheering like crazy when he was found not guilty. Wtf. It's not a race issue people - it's murder!

I hate how a lot of black people always turn things into racial issues. Of course the world isn't rid of all prejudice, but that doesn't mean that everybody's out to get you cuz you're black. Why would anyone be happy about OJ getting away with murder? Just bc he has the same color skin pigment as you doesn't mean that you should be rooting for him to beat the sytem.

And what about the other thing that happened recently with the little black girl? Apparently there was some 5 year old little girl who was going NUTS in school and they couldn't stop her from punching/kicking everyone in sight, and ripping things off the bulletin boards, etc. She was going CRAZY and running/jumping around like an animal. Nobody could control her so the cops were called and they put the little girl in handcuffs bc they thought she could endanger the safety of others or whatever. Well the mother is pressing charges and saying that it's bc the little girl was black that they did that! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Like cops would be racist against a fucking 5 year old... right! Jeebus!

Other things that pissed me off were that my dad and I were talking about how there's DEFINITELY a cure for cancer out there, but the government doesn't want to tell anyone about it bc it would send our economy in a tizzy. Billions and billions of dollars would be lost in pharmasudicals, etc... PLUS the population would sky rocket which would also be HELL for the economy. I mean, with technology these days and all of our medical advancements, there's DEFINITELY a cure. My religion teacher used to work in the medical field and she said that she's pretty much positive that there's a cure out there. It makes me really sad to know that our world is so0o corrupt like that. Plus, you know what else I was thinking? They say that cigarettes trigger lung cancer, right? Well if they know a trigger of lung cancer, why can't they find any other triggers for any other types of cancer? Wtf ever lol. I heard that hot dogs give you cancer too bc of all the shit they put in them =/

I forget what else brought upon my negativity about the world and society today, but all I remember is that it was based around the fact that everyone is SO greedy. EVERYONE is out for themselves: even the holiest people! That's another thing. I was talking about how Michael Jackson gets accused of raping little boys and it's this HUGE issue. Meanwhile, Cardinal Moore (I think that's his name) was convicted of raping dozens of boys, and served on the conclave to choose the next pope! Wtf! Instead of putting him in jail, not only do they let him get away with it, but they let him serve in one of the holiest traditions on earth! That's fucked up.

This world is just a shitty place. We're all going to hell lol... if you believe in that sorta thing (I don't but whatever). The environment is falling apart, people are becoming more and more self-absorbed and just humanity as a whole SUCKS. My dad was talking to me today about people that you would NEVER think to be bad people are the ones who will stab you in the back and lie right to your face. I was like hmm yeah I know where you're coming from on that one mister! I definitely know what it's like to be shocked by something someone does who you thought was amazing, ya know? It's just sad. I dunno wtf is wrong with everyone and what this world is coming to =(
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