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Summer Sun, Something's Begun...

Yesterday was fun. I hit up South Beach with Mikey, Jodi and Nicole. I think I'm gonna start going there a lot more often just so I don't have to sit in the house all the time and I can actually swim, get out, etc. That is if I don't get the 2nd job that I applied for last night. Oman. Most intimidating job interview ever, yet I think I did fairly decent. Part of me hopes I didn't though so I can have my summer days free, and because the job really sounds rather difficult. Long, hard hours... meh, not what I'm looking for as a summer part time job, ya know?

Anyway, the diet has gone absolutely nowhere thus far. It all started back on Diet Day 1 when my gma insisted on feeding me pasta and meatballs because I wasn't feeling good and haven't eaten. From there, it all went downhill. You get the picture. I definitely need to do something though, bc my gma has consistently called me fat for the past 3 days and it's getting annoying lol. OK I GET IT GMA!!! By the way, for any of you health conscious people or dieters out there, you should check out the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that the "South Beach Diet" company produces. They're awesome, and this is coming from someone who HATES diet food!

Today is a very special day, and I'll update about it later on when I get home tonight. I have work until 10, so check for the post at around... 10:30 or 11. I dunno why I'm so tired. I slept so0o much today, but oh welp. I think my mom's gonna be home tomorrow, which I actually don't mind about because one, I wanna go to the mall and get an outfit for Saturday (The day I get to see "Movin Out" the Billy Joel musical <3) LOL! I'm so fucking excited omg! Billy <3 I also wanna open up a checking account, or at least cash my check with my mom's help, or SOMETHING.

Anyway Friday I think my mom's home again, but I'll probably just hit up the beach or something. Maybe Jodi will come with me since she's off from school. Maybe Ro can come too! It depends if she's working or not though. Umm I guess that's it. I love you all <3
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I'm down for hanging out Friday, but there's one little issue... I have to cover a manager's shift and open the store. I'll only be there until 2:30pm though - From 3pm and on I'm all yours.

Then don't worry about it, cuz I wanna go early... and 3 is WAY too late. I plan on coming home at 3 cuz I have work at 5. Oh well.
I saw my name and got all excited and then realized it wasn't about me. I'm a retard. I've never been able to find a diet that works, so now I just say screw it. If I lose weight, I lose weight. Whatev!
Why is today so special?
You ARE special silly :P

And today is my 1 yr anniversary!

ooooh really?? congrats!
My version of diet food: Yoplait yogurt.

...my "Road to Abs for Otakon" plan isn't going well either...I haven't done ANYTHING. XD
Yogurt alone is definitely not as healthy as most people think. Just because it TASTES healthy doesn't mean it doesn't have tons of calories and fat and carbs, etc. Plus, I *only* like the yogurt with the toppings...you know, the crunchies, m&ms, granola, and all that haha. So eating yogurt only makes it worse for me. I'd rather waste all that fatness on pudding or something!
I still like it. XD

Anywayz, my abs plan: so not working. XD
I want to go to the beach!
I appreciate thta comment very much. I've been thinking that I may not reapply when I get rejected simply because this voting system seems to be based solely on peoples own opinions and not the person they're taking under consideration. Either way, I though I would say thank you for your comment, but I didn't feel it was appropriate to do it on my application page.

Thanks again!

My name is Leigh

I saw your picture over in the pretty lesbian community, and checked out your info, and thought you were cool! I would like to friend you, if you would like to friend me too!