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Friends Suck

Work wasn't bad at all yesterday. I worked with Nadia and Ramon which was pretty cool, and even got to see Big Ron before I left. I woke up at 10, worked from 12 - 5 and then came home and talked to Sam until like 1 in the morning or something. So yep - that's my life now. Boredom, work and Sam... in that order, every single day.

Number of people to call me this week: 0
Number of people I hung out with this week: 0

Anyway, I'm really upset right now and I am feeling HELLA sorry for myself. I don't wanna talk about it because I don't want people to think I'm an asshole, nor will anyone understand OR care. The only person I wanna talk to right now is Ro, but I know she definitely won't be around to chat. Also - the same thing always happens when I talk about this stuff with Ro. We'll complain, vow to make changes, and within a week, have the same conversation all over again *sigh*

I love Ro though. She is by far the BEST friend that I have EVER had. She seriously is the only person who never disappoints me, cares about me, treats me like she loves me and not just like I'm around for her when everyone else is busy, is considerate of my feelings, includes me, shows interest in hanging out and making plans with me, keeps my secrets, talks about serious things with me, makes me laugh, never lies to me, respects me, etc. It fucking sucks for each and every one of you - and myself included - that you're all not like Ro.

But yeah. Life sucks right now because I'm so fucking bored. I hate you all for that, and that's the truth. I am up for doing absolutely anything. I don't go into work until 5 every day, and I wake up at 8 the latest... meaning I am around each and every single day to chill, but god for fucking bid anyone thinks of me. Yes I have work on the weekends, but I'd take off to visit a friend. I'm down for road trips. I'm cool for hitting up the beach, NJ, etc. But ya know what? Fuck it. Fuck everybody. I can't fucking wait to get the hell off of this island and make new friends.

Unsincerely yours,

PS: Remember that e-mail I sent a lot of you about possibly having some sort of getaway this summer to Point Pleasant, Wildwood, Seaside, Hershey Park, etc? Well fuck it. I'm not organizing shit. If it happens it happens, but don't count on me to fucking make it happen because right now I couldn't care less about it. If I go, I go... maybe you'll come, maybe you won't. I *seriously* do not care anymore. Not right now anyway.

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