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Prom!!! Woo...Hoo.

Today's the prom - the day I've dreamed about since I was a little girl. My plans for today + this evening? Run errands, go online, talk to Sam who's sick and feeling blah *FEEL BETTER BABE* and umm that's about it. No hair or nail appointment, no dress, no limo, no friends, no fun. Just boredom and work tonight - what a lovely combination!

I also have work on Saturday: the day of my graduation. The question is... will I graduate? Hmm, let's see. Mr. Diaz just called and left a message on my machine (that I erased) saying that I never handed in my final meaning I didn't complete the course... meaning I won't graduate. Well I also didn't hand in my AP European History final, so what does that tell ya? Not to mention my AP Microeconomics average is oh about... a 60?

I definitely have summer school, and probably other BS things involving Moore Catholic. Oh! And I didn't hand in my books yet, meaning I didn't get my yearbook or anything... hmm. I DEFINITELY HAVE TO DO THAT TOMORROW! Tomorrow MORNING to be exact, since I have work from 11-3. Then after that I'm supposed to hang out with Victor, bc he asked me to... (Did ya hear that Jodi? He asked me to hang out on Friday bc I only have work til 3, and I said yes! What a revelation! Someone asks me to hang out when I tell them I'm free and I agree!)

Well anyway, I'm all upset and emotional right now bc of this school shit... God why can't it just be fucking OVER?! Also bc I just watched My Girl, which for some reason has been leaving me hysterical crying lately! I mean I've seen the movie 1,000 times as a kid, and now all of a sudden when I watch it I always wind up hysterical at the end lol. I guess my fear of death has increased - but not my own death - the death of loved ones (Sam) *tear*

So... I can't stop thinking about prom - ahh! I never in a million years thought I wouldn't be going! Someone shoot me :( *siiigh* Well I guess that's about it. I don't have much to update about other than the fact that life is still pretty shitty and I'm still a fuck up. Nothing is good anymore except for Sammy, and even that's pretty fickle.
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