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1 More Day

Dear Secret Admirer,

If you are going to continue to leave notes on my car windshield for when I get out of school, please do not leave them on anything that can look like a parking ticket from afar; for when I walk towards my car and see an official type paper flapping in the breeze, I suffer a small heart attack. Thank you.

Danielle <3

Dudes! I got a 93 on my business law test! I should have gotten a 97 but obviously I made a mistake. Damnit. It's ok though - a 93 isn't bad, especially when I don't study! I don't know why all of a sudden I'm doing so awesome in that class, but I kinda like it :)

So tomorrow is my last full day of school errbody! I actually heard that it was Senior Cut Day VI lol but the whole senior class never cuts all at one time for some reason. Plus, I have band tomorrow so that's a no-go! And of course I'm going with Lisa and James to the sex shop for her birthday after school lol. Starting Thursday I have AP tests, and then Monday is when I don't have to go into school until 10:15 (hopefully) and leave at 12:30. I'm excited.

So today I'm doing... NOTHING! Woot! A few people asked me to hang out, but I'm not exactly in a great mood so I think I'm just gonna go visit my dad. I'm sure he'll make fun of me bc I look like shit today, but hopefully his abuse takes my mind off of other shit that's bothering me. I dunno. Maybe he'll be nice and I'll just get to play with my puppies. Blah. I'm leaving </3
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